MacKenzie, 28 year-old American girl, is the founder of Math Magazine, a magazine with very little mathematics inside

MacKenzie is the founder of Math Magazine. But don’t trust its front cover – MacKenzie is not a mathematician. Open it and you will find a deliciously dirty magazine. And you can read it in the train with a “I’m trying to figure this equation out” look on your face! Nice, isn’t it? Let’s hear what MacKenzie has to say about life, sex and mathematics…

Interview by Ian & Violet. Photographs by Nikola Tamindzic & Jonathan Hanson.

Photographer: Nikola Tamindzic /

(c) Nikola Tamindzic /

Talking about the topless pictures MacKenzie just posted on Facebook…

MacKenzie: So you think I should change my profile picture?

Ian: The new ones are so much better!

Thanks, you’re right!

Not sure Facebook will approve, though.

(Laughs) Worth a shot.


Censorship has gotten crazy on Instagram and Facebook. I want to create a version of both that is sex-positive. The silk road of social media or something.

Me too, but that’s too much work.

Fuck it – let’s do it. Watch out Mark Zuckerberg! There’s the beginning of your interview! (Laughs)

Nice beginning, I think.


I’ve got a serious question, though: do you know how to pee standing up?

That’s a delightful question. I want to get one of those little… spigots? Peeing in public is usually the best way to know if I’m having a good time. Is there a trick? Do I push some spot on my clit and then pee out instead of down?

You’ve got to try to know how to do it. I saw something about it one day, but I can’t find it anymore.

I learn better through experience anyway.

Let us know when you find a good way, we’ll publish it… unless you want to publish it first in Math?

I’ll share the scoop.

Thanks. You’re also a photographer, right?

No, not really. I did one shoot for Issue Zero: mostly out of necessity and because it was a lot of fun. I’m focusing on administrative and marketing work at the magazine.

Ok, and it was also your first time as a model, right?

My photos in Issue Zero? Yes.

Looks like you developed a taste for it.

It’s such an interesting experience.

I guess it’s quite intense to decide to publish such photographs…

I actually didn’t put much thought into the choice – it came quite naturally.

Let’s get back to basics: can you introduce yourself in a few sentences?

I’d say, my name is MacKenzie, I’m a pornographer and editor-in-chief based out of Brooklyn and passionate about normalizing sexual openness and freedom, in part, through the publication of my printed porn quarterly, Math Magazine. Also, I’m an Aquarius (Smile).

(c) Nikola Tamindzic /

(c) Nikola Tamindzic /

How old are you?

I’m 28 – turning 29 on Valentine’s Day (February 14th). I’m excited, I’ll be in LA for my birthday (never been there before) for the LA Art Book Fair, have you heard of it?

No. I guess you will present Math Magazine there? Will you have a booth or something like that?

Yeah, I’ll have a table.

Nice! Too bad we’re so far away!

I just recently became friends with the Editor-in-Chief at Secret Behavior, an amazing annual mag, and I’ll be repping his publication and Math Magazine. One day I’ll be able to fly people out for events (laughs).

I’ve got a trick question: how would you define pornography?

Ha! I went to art school and it’s similar to the question that plagued us all: what is art? If it turns someone on, to me, it’s porn. I think the word is often used to stigmatize the open display of sexuality and I’d like to change that.

I definitely support that.

It’s funny, this article is an open tab on my browser right now. The first line is your question.

You’ve been preparing for this interview without even knowing it (laughs).

Never not working.

Let’s see if you prepared for the next question: who/what did your sex education?

I am an only child. My parents are very progressive, smart people yet we’ve never talked about sex openly. They might have thought of me as a prude for a while. Instead of having “the talk” about sex with me they showed me a VHS tape that was animated. I think there was a little duck cartoon character in the bottom corner explaining everything. I remember really focusing on him and understanding that this was an awkward situation. Beyond that little has been said. Not too long ago I did let my mother know that I was in open relationships. She didn’t really ask any questions. Either she knows about that sort of arrangement or she didn’t want to talk about it. I looked through old journals when I was back home for the holidays and it surprised me to see that I’ve always had unusual sexual behaviors. It seems I’ve always been pretty fluid and open – not very possessive and always very proactive.

Private journals, right?

Yes, journals and diaries about boys.

Any quote to share with us?

I wish. I left them in the attic at my parent’s house. I was a very self-possessed young lady. Seeing older boys and being very much in control of what did or did not happen.

Are you still like that?

Absolutely, except now I know about the complexities of control such as relinquishing power as a way of displaying it. Also: “topping from the bottom”. Submissives are more in control than most realize… when it comes to BDSM play. People often see someone getting their ass whipped and think, that person is not in control of the situation yet they very much are – if things are done right.

Now that you’ve shared your thought about porn (and also your awesome boobs with your lucky Facebook friends), are you ready to share a bit of your sex life?

Ah! Glad you like my tits. I’m an open book, Ian.

My first orgasm, as far as I can remember, was while climbing a rope – I was probably 7 or 8 and I didn’t know what was happening to me. Do you remember yours?

That’s the best story! Would you write about it for my mag?


I know that my first orgasm was alone in my bedroom. I am not sure how I learned how to masturbate. There was a lot of misinformation disseminated at summer camp, mostly. It’s interesting, the development of the internet was in lock-step with my sexual awakening. I remember our first computer. It was this big beige thing in the basement and I would talk to strangers in chat rooms. My first experiences flirting were through chat rooms and AOL Instant Messenger also known as AIM.

(Laughs) Was it very erotic?

I have trouble remembering much yet I know that I tried things out there. Now that I think about it, I learned how to talk about sex before I knew the experience of it. I’m pretty sure I was sort of addicted to masturbation for a while. A friend once came over and commented on the smell as we sat in my bedroom. I was mortified! Mind you – this was in middle school… meaning I was about 12 or 13 years old.

Was instant messaging your favorite way of getting turned on and masturbate?

I think they were two separate parts: mind and body or social and physical. I remember taking things that scared me and turning them into fantasies as I laid in bed at night. I was so young that I was still sometimes afraid of a monster under the bed or hiding in the shadows so, using my erotic imagination, I’d change the story into something sexy. For example, I remember imagining that the boy I had a crush on was under my bed instead. A little elevator platform that opened up in the floor under my bed and I’d go down into these tunnels where all the cute boys would line up for me to choose my favorite.

It makes me think of Japanese porn! Monsters and all…

No monsters! Just cute boys. I thought about the boys instead of the monsters. I replaced one for the other.

You were turning Japanese porn into American porn!


Do you still have this thing for fictional scenarios when you masturbate?

I think I’ve recently come full circle. I have found myself returning to imagined scenarios and memories to get off rather than Tumblr or YouPorn.

Are you trying to fill the gap between the two with Math Magazine?

I need to send you my Letter from the Editor for Issue One. It eloquently says “yes,” to what you are asking.

First the Playboy article, now the Letter of the Editor for Issue One… Did you have access to my notes?!?

Ha! A match made in porno-heaven.

Let me try to find an unexpected question that will make you lose balance. When you go jogging, do you wear a thong or panties?

I don’t jog!

Hmm… Let’s try another one. I’m a bit voyeur. At what time should look through your window to get a chance to satisfy my curiosity?

One guy I’m seeing – he has this gorgeous apartment with four huge windows. We like to leave the blinds up and the lights on. I think about the neighbors, sometimes.

Admit it: you always think about the neighbors!


Any clue to help me find the address?

There is evolutionary evidence for female “performance sounds.” If you haven’t read Sex at Dawn… do it!

(c) Nikola Tamindzic /

I will! How would you describe an orgasm to someone who never had one?

I love this question. My first thought was: a fluttering. My second thought: if you’re lucky, you’ll leave your body through the top of your head.

What is your biggest secret about your sex life?

I’m always changing and trying to figure it out – like everyone else.

Figuring out sex or figuring out your biggest secret?

Sex. Figuring out my sex life. What I want and what my partners want – it’s all always changing.

But it’s not a real secret… Are you avoiding my question (laughs)?

No, I think people don’t think that I deal with that. Because I am so open and promiscuous. As if one could “figure it out,” and be done.

Oh, I see. Nice answer, then. Do you fancy muscles and tattoos?

I’m indifferent to both if I don’t have chemistry with the person. I will say that, I like for my partners to be healthy and strong enough to play, and play for a while.

Is intelligence is arousing?

YES. I’m a SAPIOSEXUAL. Again, read the letter from the editor.

(c) Jonathan Hanson /

(c) Jonathan Hanson /

What’s your favorite porn website? Assuming it doesn’t change all the time too…

The one I use the most is like most things I love in that it is a combination of work and pleasure:

“On n’est jamais mieux servis que par soi-même”, as we say in French. Means something like “if you want something done right, do it yourself”.

… In some cases.

I admit you have some good pictures on that Tumblr.

Thanks, I have a friend who makes a lot of contributions to it. It wouldn’t be so vibrant without her.

You mean you know other girls obsessed with sex?

I wouldn’t call it obsessed. Or, I wouldn’t call it an obsession.

Just teasing you. Everybody knows you’re obsessed with math! Ever had sex with a girl?

I’d rather not get into specifics. Without the right context details like that can read too salacious or even boring. Context is everything.

You’re right. But the context being Sleeping Bag Magazine, nothing is ever salacious or boring in here (laughs)! All right, let’s keep it a secret! What’s the story of your first sex-toy?

Hmm… It was my first serious boyfriend who introduced me to my first sex toy. We went on a vacation to Cape Cod, a place that is dear to me because I grew up going there every summer of my adolescence. I’m not sure how it came up but I imagine he learned that I didn’t have a toy and decided he wanted to do something about that. I think I was bashful and skeptical. We went to a great head shop and walked all the way to the back room… The one with the curtain and the “You must be at least 18 years old to enter” sign. I insisted that he get me the cheapest one. I think this is sweet because I didn’t know what I wanted or what I would like and I didn’t want him to spend a lot on me. I’ve always had some trouble with receiving gifts. I need to work on that still. It was this very simple pink vibrator. A straight and narrow tube with a tapered tip. I had it for a good while. I’m not sure I used it very much. I don’t think I had a great fondness for it or anything.

Where is it now?

Landfill, I guess. It broke.

And that’s the only one you ever had?

It’s not the only toy I’ve ever had but it was my first.

How many do you have now? What’s your favorite?

I have three toys now. I have a classic Rabbit that I enjoy. I don’t think I’ve found my sex-toy-soul-mate yet. You can say that the Classic Rabbit is my favorite.

What are the other two?

I need to look up the names.

Or you could describe them, it would probably be sexier!

One is made with a very thin, pliable, section of silicone. It can be used between partners

And touch can be felt through the thin section. I don’t think I’ve fully explored all the possibilities of this product. Here it is.

I’m gonna need to watch the video to understand how it can be used… Are you listening to music right now?

Not at the moment. Want to know the last thing I listened to?


The last person I listened to was HAZYL, a DJ who will be working our launch party on February 4th.

Is it good music for sex?

Find out for yourself!

Last question: is music closely related to sex, for you?

It isn’t. I’d like for it to play a more significant role. I’ve had some great moments with music and sex but I wouldn’t say that the two are inextricably linked in any way.

Thank you!


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