Martine, 23 year-old American girl, lost her virginity in a church with a girl

Martine is not the ordinary girl, looking for Prince Charming and so on. No, Martine prefers “cockyboys” and gay men, and she writes about it on FoxyGirlsBlog. Don’t know what a cockyboy is? Read this.

Interview by Ian & Violet. Photographs by Martine.

Talking about Martine’s cat…

Ian: Can he speak?

Martine: Oh yes, he has a lot to say! Not about sex, though.


Too bad, we would have loved to hear about your cat’s sex life…

He hasn’t got one. Unless you count snuggling with the other cat.

Of course it counts! Well, let’s hit the road with our “typical” first question. What music should I play to make you want to sleep with me?

(Laugh) That is your typical first question? My my!

Good start, isn’t it?

I would say club music, if the goal is sex. If the motivation is more romantic, then something sappy would be a good choice. Rather Be by Clean Bandit would probably work for either.

Do you know how to pee standing up?

Yes, I have peed standing up before, and peed in a urinal in a unisex bathroom (Laugh).

We’ve got a vocabulary question. We’ve been looking for “cockyboy” in our English-French dictionary, but guess what: it couldn’t find it. So, what’s a cockyboy exactly? Even Urban Dictionary doesn’t know the word!

I suppose someone should submit a definition to Urban dictionary, it would be great to generate a wider knowledge and usage of the term Cockyboy! Personally, I would refer you to the Cockyboys Manifesto, written by Jake Jaxson. But I would also say that it’s a boy or man who is unique and stands out from the crowd, knows what he likes and what he wants, isn’t afraid to be himself, and has charisma and sex appeal. And from meeting many of the Cockyboys in person, I would say that it also means a guy who is very friendly and generous.

You’ve got to submit this definition to Urban Dictionary , it’s perfect!

I might submit that! Thanks!

Why did you accept this interview?

I enjoy the opportunity to discuss gay male porn and why I like it, and to offer others a chance to understand why it’s appealing and nothing to be ashamed of.

We’re looking forward to hearing about that. But first, can you introduce yourself in a few sentences?

Yes. I’m a young woman who loves gay men. Obviously there is more to me than that, but for the purposes of this interview, over the past two years I’ve fallen in love with the gay and gay porn culture – aspects of it, anyway – and felt that a good use of my interest was to create a blog to talk about and promote my favorite gay porn studio, and the fabulous guys who work with it. One outcome of producing my blog has been the amazing opportunity to get to know the Cockyboys models and fans better, as I’ve connected with many of them online and in person. The whole experience has truly changed my life.

How did it come to you? Have you always been attracted by this culture?

I haven’t always been interested in gay male culture, no. I came out as “lesbian” when I was kind of young, but later on I’ve settled into an attraction to both guys and girls. I think because of my preference for queer culture, though, gay guys are far more interesting to me than straight guys.

Would you say that your interest for gay porn is more sexual or more artistic or something like that?

I would say it’s both. I’m always interested in the story of sex between guys – well usually, sometimes I just like to watch really hot sex. But I love art as well as porn, so the porn scenes with more creativity to them are appealing to me.

Actually, I think that girls loving gay porn is kind of feminist. We guys are supposed to like lesbian sex, and there is a lot of it in porn movies men. So why not the same for girls?

I agree! I think women’s sexuality can be less acceptable in general, unless it’s for men’s pleasure – I mean, “lesbian” porn that basically represents a man’s fantasy of two women being sexual together, rather than something that represents actual lesbian sex. I haven’t personally experienced much negativity from men about my enjoyment of gay sex, but I know that attitude exists with some people. But yes, women liking gay porn can be considered feminist inasmuch as it’s about women being in charge of their own sexuality and enjoying what turns them on.

I agree. How would you define your sexuality, then? Common answers would be heterosexual or homosexual, but your case seems a bit less stereotypical…

I would say my sexuality is definitely not stereotypical. One of my personal definitions is to not be stereotypical, and I think there is always much more room than for just “heterosexual or homosexual”. At this point in my life, my sexual interests are mostly in gay guys, but from a broader perspective I think I am more suited to women. Some variation of being a gay boy trapped inside a girl’s body, probably. I am a twink trapped inside a lesbian’s body or something like that.

So, how does it work? Isn’t it a bit frustrating?

Yes. It has its frustrating times. I’ve never considered myself a guy, or considered transitioning in a transsexual way, but as of late I would easily give up my female body for a boy’s body, and feel more comfortable fitting into a gay male culture.

Let’s go back in the past. My first orgasm, as far as I can remember, was while climbing a rope – I was probably 7 or 8 and I didn’t know what was happening to me. Do you remember yours?

Wow, that is an interesting first, thanks for sharing! I think my first was probably around 6 or 7. I got started early. It was in the shower.

How was it?

From what I remember, it was intense. I know I used to worry about having them, I don’t think orgasms were explained to me until I was a little older.

More generally, what were your first sexual emotions?

I think they were kind of aggressive. I remember thinking about things that would sort of objectify me, although at that age of course I didn’t know what that meant.

Nothing about gay boys at this time, I guess?

No, I didn’t really know what gay meant yet, either. I think I was interested in boys’ anatomy, but most of my friends were girls – probably similar to how I am now too, actually.

Who/what did your sex education?

The first thing I remember was a book called Where Did I Come From? It was a horribly cheesy picture book, lots of ridiculous cartoony illustrations, but probably very educational and age-appropriate. I think the focus was very biological. Then I found a copy of The Joy of Sex. That definitely advanced my sex education.

What about school?

Nope. I was homeschooled. That picture book, my own experience, and probably a few general talks from my mom comprised my sex education, until I was a teenager and went to a queer youth group. Then I learned about STDs and so on.

Do you have stories about your first experiences?

My first sexual experiences? I remember I wanted to mess around with this boy I was friends with, like just experimental stuff. But he was extremely shy and nervous so that didn’t go far. Then I had a couple experiences with girls I was friend with, but I didn’t actually have sex until I was nineteen. My first experience of sex with a girl was in the gym of a church, at a youth sleepover. I don’t know what they were expecting (laugh). And my first time having sex with a guy was really exciting, because for a long time I thought it was something I was never going to do.

We want to know more about this church experience!

Haha! Well it was at a queer youth event, we went for the weekend and did workshops and poetry readings and so on. There was a girl there I had liked for a while, and it turned out she liked me too. There was a “no sex” rule for the event but having 50 or so teens in a darkened gym at night, well of course that rule is ridiculous. Anyway, I messed around with that girl and with another one too, I had waited a long time so I guess I was making up for it! So basically I lost my virginity in a church (laugh).

Good for you! How would you describe an orgasm to someone who never had one?

Thanks! I would tell them it’s like the space between your hips, and then the rest of your body, twisting into this bloom of pleasure. Like something that starts out in your control but then you can’t stop it. Like falling in love, for about ten seconds.

Is orgasm the thing you prefer over all?

Over all, like what? Over everything, love and everything, or like the stuff that comes before orgasm?

Let’s say like stuff that comes before orgasm

Ok. It depends on the individual experience. If I’m having sex with someone I really enjoy, then the whole thing is great. But if I’m alone, then yeah, usually the other stuff doesn’t matter as much.

When you’re alone, what are the three fantasies you think about most often?

Oh boy. I would say… A threesome with two other boys, a threesome with a girl and a guy, or really intimate sex with someone that I care about a lot. Probably with a slight D/S component.

What’s the story of your first sex-toy, if you have any?

I do have some. I think my first was a vibrator, I was messing around with a girl and she used it on me. It was the first time I got off with someone other than myself.

Oh, good first experience, then! From a technical and ecological point of view, I’m kind of fascinated with Ben Wa balls – simple and ingenious, no need for batteries. But I read and heard it wasn’t that great. Did you give it a try?

No, I have no experience with them. I don’t think they would do much for me sexually, but maybe they would make other activities more enjoyable!

Who knows? Keep us posted if you try them! What are the three most memorable places you ever masturbated?

Let’s see. In the car, in my girlfriend’s bathroom, and in a hotel room when my friends were in the other bed.

Nice ones. Is there an experience, something you did once, that’s way above the other ones?

When I masturbate in my dreams it’s always way above the other ones. Aside from that, I think when I used a toy for ass play.

Oh, we want to know more about this, of course!

(Laugh) I can tell you that a smooth glass dildo is the best way to start out.

Good to know. Anything else?

For me, the sensation is not that different from vaginal sex. Different enough to be worth trying, but for advice to girls who might be nervous about doing it, I would say don’t worry, it’s pretty great.

Violet agrees with you. Did you experience it with boys, too?

Yes, once. It was easier than I expected and a lot of fun.

Violet has a thing for sex on the beach. Do you?

I can’t say that I do. I haven’t had full-on beach sex, but there are other places I would rather have sex in. A bookstore or something.

Any experience to share?

I have had sex in a bookstore once, very casually against the display table. I don’t like to encroach on others’ sense of privacy, so I probably wouldn’t do it in such a way that made non-consenting viewers uncomfortable, but in a controlled environment I do like some exhibitionism. Was that a sexy answer or hopelessly academic? (Laugh)

It’s definitely sexy! What is your biggest secret about your sex life?

I don’t know if it’s a secret. Just that I prefer sex with gay guys.

Have you done it already? I mean, is it easy to find gay guys who want to have sex with girls?

I wouldn’t say it happens a lot, but I have had experience. Of course, if a guy is having sex with me he might not consider himself completely gay. But definitely someone who spends more time in the gay community.

I understand. What’s better with gay guys?

Part of it is knowing they’re interested in guys too, just like I am. Also the fact that they tend to be less aggressive towards women. I mean, less aggressive than straight guys, from my experience

Interesting. What’s the most adorable thing someone has ever done to you?

I think… When my ex-girlfriend pushed me around the grocery store in a cart and threw stuff all over me.

Adorable. And what’s the most extreme thing you’ve ever done?

The most extreme was probably having sex in a group with four other people.

Oh my. Want to tell us more about this?

Yeah… It was in the basement at a party, with my girlfriend at the time and my ex-girlfriend who was also there, and another girl.

And who is the fourth one?

I don’t remember! I think it was my ex’s new girlfriend.

Only girls, then! Did you enjoy it?

Yes, it was weird, and I’m not sure the other people at the party were happy about it, but I had fun. It was in my “lesbian” stage so I wasn’t really thinking about boys at the time.

Let’s talk about your body, then! I heard that pubic hair is back. Good news or bad news?

Irrelevant. Not to be blasé, but I think the trends on pubic hair, body hair, etc., are overrated. My first girlfriend was “shocked” that I didn’t shave everything, but I never thought that was a good idea. I like at least some pubic hair, it’s sexy to me.

I like the way you think. Do you like your own body odor? Your sex odor?

It depends on my mood. I don’t like anything too potent in terms of scent, for the most part. I’m familiar with my body scent so sometimes it’s pleasant to me, but when it comes to someone I’m attracted to, I will definitely enjoy their scent.

Do you have big tits?

No, not really. Although I would prefer they were smaller or virtually non-existent.

Is it related to the fact that you feel you’re somehow a gay boy?

Partly. But I’ve never been into boobs on myself, I never wished I had bigger ones or wanted to show them off or anything. I prefer the smaller boob aesthetic in general.


What’s your most sexy undergarment?

Also depends on my mood. I have a jockstrap that I absolutely love, I bought it on a shopping trip with a few of my gay boys. On the more feminine side, I love my dark grey underwear with lace and black lacy bra.

Can you give us the list of the body fluids you tasted already? Yours as well as others’…

I’ve tasted my cum, and also my ejaculate because I have done that a few times. I’ve tasted ex-girlfriends, of course, and ex-boyfriends. And a stranger’s jizz at a club.

What’s your favorite one?

A guy’s cum. It’s the sexiest to me.

I was about to ask if you believed in squirting, but well, I guess you do! Can you tell us more about it? Did you learn it or did it just come naturally?

Haha, I believe in it because I’ve done it! It’s really fun. I never tried to learn it, I didn’t know I could do it until I was with this girl who had large hands and the right touch, I guess. I’ve only done it with fingering and it has to be the right amount of pressure and the right angle. But it’s pretty great.

I bet it is! Last question: is intelligence arousing?

Of course! I mean, there has to be more than just intelligence for someone or something to be arousing to me. But it can definitely be a turn on.

Thank you for this interview! It was great.

You’re welcome! I had fun answering your questions.

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