Kaethe Butcher, 24 year-old German girl, draws like a goddess and… likes vibrations

Like I said, Kaethe draws like a goddess. Really. Take a look at her Tumblr if you don’t believe me. And if you do believe me, take a look anyway. Again. And again. Now, I’m sure you want to know everything about this girl. Here you are. Actually, there might be a thing or two she hid from us. If you have any doubt, go and ask her. And keep us apprised. In the meantime, let’s hear what she’s got to say.

Interview by Ian. Illustrations by Kaethe Butcher.

Ian: What music should I play to make you want to sleep with me?

Kaethe: If my psyche is well and not dumb: Disney songs, Gorillaz, Classics from the 80s/90s, or classical music. The melody of true feelings, the sweet and painful heartbeat, the vibration of goose bumps, the beauty’s soft chant and the beast’s intense throbbing. If my psyche is sick and dumb: Nothing. Do what you want. I’m not here.

Why did you accept this interview?

I might find out something new about me. There might be too much distance between me and sex, so I cannot comprehend the whole thing of this interview. Maybe I’m not here.

Oh, actually, I’m not sure there’s any “whole thing” to comprehend. Can you introduce yourself in a few sentences?

Introduce, introduce, hmm… There is this lazy little (or maybe bigger) lazy monster inside me. Not only it’s lazy, but it’s also very unsocial and shy and it has so many thoughts! Thoughts who are crashing against my thoughts, and then it’s either nothing or everything. A slimy green jelly wobbles, my thoughts wobbles, everything wobbles. But sometimes I remember my little spoon, so I can eat this jelly up! I need to remember this more often. Anyway, when I eat it up, I’m also a lovely, strong, little bit childish, fuck off!, ambitious, adventure-loving, self-confident, hug-needing person.

Do you have kids?

Nah, no way. I have a nephew and a niece, they are sweet and lovely but that’s enough. I don’t want kids.

Leather or satin?



Do you know how to pee standing up?

I cannot pee standing up. I’m already bad at peeing squat down… Really, I need proper toilets, otherwise it’s a disaster.

Does sex play an important role in your artwork?

Not really. I like to draw the lascivious touch in any way. I want to show that naked bodies or sex is a normal thing, more like it’s nothing special, you can see it everywhere. I mean of course it CAN be special, if there is a story and feelings behind. But otherwise, it’s only naked skin on naked skin. Not naked soul on naked soul. Maybe I just want to show that sex IS a special thing – to myself. So I’m looking for stories and emotions behind this lascivious touch.

What’s the story of your first sex-toy, if you have any?

Pssshht! I haven’t any (crossing fingers). Nah okay, I have one little black vibrator, but there’s not a really WOW-story behind. Ordered it on Amazon to check out how it is: and it’s really good, I like vibrations – all kinds of vibrations.

You sound like a vibration expert. What other kinds of vibration do you like?

(Laugh) Not in the slightest! But I like the mix of fast’n’slow vibrations with a good strong pressure. I also like interesting vibrations between people’s minds and thoughts and feelings. Yes, and the best and truest vibration: beating heart on beating heart. Cheeeeeeesy! (but damn true)

What would be the ultimate sex-toy?

Ultimate sex-toy, hmm… I’m so unexperienced! But, the person you really like, half-naked and a massage stick – mmh I guess this would be hot’n’tasty.

How would you define your sexuality? Heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, or anything else…

As sexual. I love, I like sex with the right person. There is no need to define sexuality. I mean: HEY CAN I GET A HUGE ERASER TO DELETE THOSE FUCKING INSULAR DEFINED WORDS?!?


I knew you would say something like that! So, when you’re alone with your self-inflicted vibrations, what are the three fantasies you think about most often?

I mostly watch porn when I make out with myself. For me it’s difficult, and for some kind of reason it hurts, if I fantasies about something I really would like to do with someone (especially if it’s someone I like), because it would be some kind of frustration. Porn movies are neutral. Maybe I’m too coward for my own fantasies, or I only want to keep my fantasies for the right person. It’s like my “Fantasy-Virginity” (laugh).

When you make a search on a porn website, what are your favorite keywords?

Squirting, group, horny, bondage, masturbation.

Well, I’m trying to understand what gets you aroused. Anything to add?

Hand touch, lips and kinky words from a sweet grinning mouth.

Fifty percent of French women watch porn alone. I guess it’s similar in Germany. Producers just learned this and we can see “Porn for women” showing on the market – polished aesthetics, sensuality, soft focus effects and passionate kissing. Do you like it, or is it too mushy?

The aspect that it’s called “Porn for women” is shitty. I mean women are not only beautiful, fairylike, sweet and fragile human-beings who are only interested in soft neck kisses or to stroke with a feather above the skin. Their mind can be also dirty, they’re bleeding every fucking month, so why should it be only possible for or with men to have aggressive kinky sex/porn? And for me, I need to be in the right mood, but it’s very rare that this sort of porn affects me very well. Except passionate kissing, but only in the woman/woman constellation – woman/man looks so… kind of yucky and unreal to me.

On the literature side, mommy porn is booming – with Fifty Shades of Grey as a leader. Have you read it? Corny or revolutionary?

No, I don’t read this kind of books and I don’t want to spend my few money on such a book. I only read kinky short stories on the internet, sometimes Hentai mangas – they’re so funny and everything seems possible (laugh). And I’ve heard that the writing style of “Fifty Shades of Grey” is a real disaster, for that reason alone it scares me. Also I guess it could be too stereotyped.

Any other advice for our female readers?

Do what you like, love who you want and don’t use definitions for it.

Under the right circumstances, can vulgarity be arousing?

Yes, I think, in really familiar circumstances. Coming from a stranger, vulgar words would only be vulgar words and it would make me aggressive.

My first orgasm, as far as I can remember, was while climbing a rope – I was probably 7 or 8 and I didn’t know what was happening to me. Do you remember yours?

My first orgasm was with my sleeping-pillow, as far as I remember. I was 12 or so. Oh wait, there is a memory with two naked Barbie dolls I’m rubbing against each other (I was 7 or 8 years old) – this gave me a pleasant feeling, but not a real orgasm (laugh).

More generally, what were you first sexual emotions?

This naked Barbies moment. I was totally into this game – this was really confusing, because I didn’t know exactly what I was doing.

Who/what did your sex education? What about school?

My mother only told me to use contraception. And in school we learned how to use a condom on a banana. So maybe the internet.

How did you tackle your first sexual experiences? Curious and excited, or scared and shy?

Curious and excited. I was 21, it was a good age for me. But the sex was airy-fairy, like every time I had sex, as far as I can remember (laugh)… Wow.

What do you mean, “airy-fairy”? You can’t leave me with that, I wanna know more!

Airy-fairy means sloppily, I guess it’s a British word. I like it, it sounds great! In German, we would say “Larifari” – like showing a lack of care, attention like you said it.

Do you have stories about your first experiences?

Yes, my first sex experience was in the late night with a boy (at that time best friend), he came around my flat and we had “airy-fairy” sex (laugh). And after that he left, he didn’t want to stay and I felt really cheap.

Shame on him. When was the last time you had sex? When was the last time you had good sex?

June. Never.

Hmm, looks like you did not encounter anyone better that your little black vibrator. Maybe we should start a collaborative page on our website, called “Guys, listen to what girls want, for Christ’s sake!” And we’ll ask every girl we interview to participate. What would you write in there?

(Laugh) Would be a nice page! But I guess there’re only the wrong persons. The first boy was boring in bed and there was a lack of emotions. And the second boy, nah, no emotions and my psyche was bad and, honestly, his technique was like NO PLEASE STOP THIS SHIT! I was in a hurry to do my best to end it soon. Disgusting. So next time I’ll do it with a person I love, doesn’t matter how much time it takes. Oh, and I would write only one sentence: girls need time and a passionate technique.

Have you had any experience with girls?

No, sadly not. But I guess it would be better, too. I don’t know.


Have you tasted your own body fluids? Which ones?

Yes, my lubrication, it tastes like a bitter’n’sweet mix.

How would you describe an orgasm to someone who never had one?

It’s a freeing feeling. It might be the purest and truest feeling. And at the same time, it’s not a feeling, it’s an instinct.

What’s the most extreme thing you’ve ever done? It doesn’t have to be with someone else.

Used a bottleneck to masturbate. Not really extreme.

Do you mean the guitar device? I have a one myself! Never used it to masturbate, though (laugh). Do you play the guitar? And how was it?

No no no nooo (laugh), no. I mean the neck of a bottle, I don’t know how to describe it in other words. Yeah, this is not as extraordinary as your guitar device! And by the way, I’m totally unmusical – it reaches other dimensions! I’d be really glad if I only could dance to the rhythm.

What are the three most memorable places you ever masturbated?

Bed, bathtub, chair. Not really memorable, but yes I can remember.

Did you see the movie Feuchtgebiete?

No and I don’t want to see it. I’ve heard one chapter from the audiobook. The author’s voice was horrible and the chapter, the writing style and really everything sounded so stupid! Oh yeah, there’s a deeper statement behind those words: child of divorced parents – rubbish! I really don’t like it.

I saw the movie, and it was really different from what you describe. Actually, I loved it. Sometimes, movies are much better than the book they comes from… If you were about to die tomorrow, what last erotic experience would you like to live?

Sex with a girl. And squirting.

I heard that pubic hair is back. Good news or bad news?

News. It’s good that more and more people become aware of it, that it’s only natural and you don’t have to shave it for someone else. For myself, I like it better without pubic hair. The skin down there is so soft, I love this! But I’m too lazy to shave my pubic hair every third day, so yeah for the moment: pubic hair!


What’s your most sexy undergarment?

High waisted black velvet panties including suspenders, and a black lace (no push-up) bra. I don’t like push-up bras very much, they are so uncomfortable. I’d really love to buy some super lovely dessous from La Perla, Agent Provocateure, Creepyyeha or Bordelle – especially the Bridal ones and the black Bondage! But it’s so expensive and I’m a poor student.

Bonus question: do you believe in squirting?

Mmh, yeah why not!

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